Frequently Asked Questions

Breastfeeding is natural. Why do I need a Lactation Consultant?

Breastfeeding is very natural, but not automatic; rather, it is a learned skill that mother and baby develop as they begin to know each other, and learn better ways of obtaining milk through some basic techniques and education.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, I offer gift certificates. They are perfect for baby shower gifts!

Do I need to choose a Lactation Consultant before my baby is born?

It is helpful to choose a Lacation Consultant in the same way you would choose a pediatrician before your baby is born. It is reassuring to know who to call if you need assistance.

How do I know if I need help?

*When breastfeeding is painful
*When breastfeeding causes sore nipples
*When your breasts are engorged or you have plugged ducts or breast infection
*When your baby won't latch on or has trouble feeding for any reason
*When you have a sleepy or fussy baby who is not gaining weight, or you are just concerned
*When you feel like weaning before your baby is a year old